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5 Secrets Of Successful Spa PR

The spa industry has remained one of the most buoyant in the UK despite the effects of the recent financial downturn. Worth an estimated $250 billion globally and $1.7 billion in the UK alone, the spa economy is big business, one which is seeing up to 25% growth in certain sectors according to industry experts.With stress levels at an all time high, more and more of us are visiting spas regularly. No longer seen as simply a pampering experience, visiting a spa has become as essential to an individual’s health and well being as going to the gym, eating right or taking a holiday.According to, 25% of people in the UK visited a spa in the last 12 months, spending on average $349 on treatments, the most popular being massage. Day spas proved the most common type of visit allowing people with limited budgets and time to benefit from a spa experience.Responding to this growing consumer demand, there has been a significant increase in the number of spas in the UK, especially day spas and those within hotels. Spa clients are incredibly loyal with return rates of up to 75% so competition to secure new clients is fierce. But how do you ensure that your retention rate is as high as possible and how do you find these lucrative new clients?5 Secrets of Successful Spa PRIf you are a spa professional and want your spa or indeed products to stand out from the rest then follow 5 secrets of successful spa PR:What’s the news? With new spas opening almost daily and a never ending stream of new beauty products coming to market it’s essential to identify what makes your spa unique? Think about what might make a newsworthy press release, what would grab your attention? Maybe a brand new treatment using cutting edge technology or a product exclusive to the UK? Have you had a celebrity visit your spa or have you received an award? Simply announcing the opening of a new spa will not secure column inches.Get snappy! The old adage, a picture says a thousand words is certainly true. The media often gives preference to spa stories with high quality accompanying images so make sure you have a portfolio prepared. For print media, take high resolution, minimum 1MB jpeg images, for online media then low resolution, 72 dpi is acceptable. Remember to seek permissions if using models and always label the files clearly.Welcome journalists – One of the most effective methods of securing media coverage is by inviting journalists to experience the spa for themselves. A full or even half spa day will allow the journalist to get a first-hand experience of the spa, the signature treatments and quality of service. Be attentive, greeting them personally and answering any questions but remember the aim is for them to relax and enjoy their day.Give them a taste – if it’s not possible to arrange spa visits for the press then consider sending product samples accompanied by newsworthy press information. Enabling a journalist to try your product will engage them and make the story come to life. Remember to target not only female journalists but also males too as over 20% of spa visitors are men and this is a rapidly expanding market.Get online – With over 60% of people in the UK regularly using the internet, it’s essential to have an online presence. There are a variety of online pr activities to undertake from Twittering with existing clients to promoting special offers through a Facebook page. Remember to make any material you release to the media keyword friendly and incorporate links to your website to generate traffic.